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Uken Coast Trail

Hop on an eMountain Bike and join me to explore six of Uken's coastal communities. Encounter massive strangler trees, find hidden waterfalls, follow ancient god paths, check out secret tuna fishing look outs, and even try to lift the iconic Stone of Strength. After a historic Funakoshi beach lunch we’ll take a quick 20-minute hike to Cape Kuraki offering stunning views of Uken and nearby islands. We’ll wrap up the day at one of Amami's oldest shrines for a touch of local history.

Let's go and check out Uken's coast!


JPY 37,000 per person

Start & Finish Time

 From 09:00 (approx. 7 hours during tour hours)

Number of people

Max. 3 people 

All tours are private

Ages & height

Ages 13 and up

150 cm and up


Hotel or Airport Transportation

Pick-up and or Drop-off


All year round


7 Hours (including lunch)

eMountain Biking distance: 32 km

Jungle walking distance: 1 km

* Riding distance can vary based on weather or requests

Difficulty / Physical

Difficulty: Novice 

No mountain bike experience is necessary.

If you can ride a bike you can ride our eMTBs.

Physical: Easy

Meeting Place


Airport or Ferry

Uken 79 MAP HERE

Clothing / What to Bring

Comfortable clothing (long-sleeved shirt, long pants), a hat, athletic shoes or boots (NO SANDLES) that are easy to walk in.

We provide all the basics, but also feel free to bring your own.

Including: insect repellent, sunscreen, bottle of water, etc. 

Ready to book? Let's begin...

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