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Commercial Disclosure

The following details are subject to the Specified Commercial Transactions Act to comply with Japanese Law. If you have any questions regarding an order you placed, please send us a message on the following form HERE


Legal Name: Matt Pride

Address: 711 Ashiken, Ukenson, Oshima-gun, Kogoshima-ken. Post code: 894-3302

Phone number:  +81 4351 4967

Email address: Click HERE

Head of Operations: Matt Pride

Additional fees: None unless specified during the checkout

Exchanges & Returns Policy: None

Delivery times: Online courses are digital, and you will get access immediately after completing the payment. Consulting and coaching need to be scheduled with the respective representative. Time is subject to availability. 

Accepted payment methods: Credit card payments are processed immediately, while local bank transfers must be sent within three days of the date of order.

Price: Amounts listed on each tour or service page

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