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SUP + Snorkel Experience Extended

Join me for a paddle through the crystal-clear blue waters between Taen Beach and Edateku Island, Amami's largest uninhabited island. We'll cruise along the coastline, hit sandy beaches, and check out the underwater world from a paddle board or snorkeling adventure to see the colorful coral and marine life. I've got the best spots lined up to make sure you get the full experience. 


After a laid-back beachside lunch and some island fruits, we'll cap off the day by exploring seaside shrines, mountain army bunkers, and historical sites on your way back. This is a journey of history and nature!


JPY 35,000 per person

Start & Finish Time

09:00 to 17:00

Number of people

Max. 3 people 

All tours are private

Ages & weight

Ages 5 and up

Up to 150 kg


Hotel or Airport Transportation

Pick-up and or Drop-off


June to October


7 Hours (including lunch)

Stand-Up-Paddle Board (SUP) distance: 4 - 15 km

* SUPing distance can vary based on weather or requests

Difficulty / Physical

Difficulty: Novice 

No SUP experience is necessary.

Physical: Easy

Meeting Place


Airport or Ferry

Uken 79 MAP HERE

Clothing / What to Bring

All SUP & Snorkeling equipment will be provided. You will need to bring swim wear for the ocean.

We will also bring all the basics, but also feel free to bring your own.

Including: insect repellent, sunscreen, bottle of water, etc. 

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